What Happens in Our Rooms

What Happens in Our Rooms

What Happens in Our Rooms

Infant Rooms

The staff in our infant rooms care for children aged between 6 weeks and 18 months. They provide a trusting, warm and nurturing environment.

There daily routine encompasses meals, inside and outside play and infant hygiene. Individual children’s routines are developed in consultation with parents and caregiver and are flexible according to the individual children’s needs.

Our Educators read stories, sing, play with puppets, play peek-a-boo games and provide a range of experiences that create fun, anticipation and surprise. Staff encourage babies to develop basic problem solving skills and simple self help skills.

Communication with families is ongoing and considered very valuable to meet the needs of the individual child and keep the link with home as close as possible. Our Educators establish strong relationships with families and understand that in this age group human interaction is the most important tool to learning and development.

We provide a communication book for each child and a daily information board where the staff record bottle times, meals, sleep times and nappy changes.

The room leader develops a weekly program based on individual and group observations, needs and interests to ensure the children are in a stimulating and encouraging environment.

We have an open door policy at the centre. We welcome mothers who would like to continue breastfeeding once their child has start care and work with you to ensure this occurs smoothly as possible. We also encourage families to visit at anytime during the day so you can feel involved in your child’s day.

Toddler Rooms

The Toddler room is a warm and friendly environment and the children are between 1.5 and 2.5 years of age.

The room is divided into various learning centers for the children including: dramatic play; art and craft; book corner; puzzle tables and construction area. Children largely have self directed play and staff are present to encourage and enhance their learning experiences.

The program in the toddler room incorporates a variety of experiences that aim to facilitate imaginative activities, curiosity and thinking, imitation and prediction, and expenditure of a lot of energy.  Staff interactions with the children enhance all aspects of the program, as the staff verbally and non-verbally challenge the children in their play.

The children’s imaginations are encouraged through the provision of open-ended, creative experiences, e.g. painting, drawing, collage, music, dancing, drama, dressing up, story telling and play dough. Gross motor development is encouraged through both indoor and outdoor programs.  These include obstacle courses, bikes, scooters, climbing, sliding, crawling, jumping and circle games.

Families are welcome to share cultural experiences and contribute to programming ideas.

Many children begin toileting in this room and staff work closely with families in achieving this goal. Staff will also consult with families regarding things such as rest time and meals.

Preschool Rooms

The staff in our Preschool room care for children aged between 2.5 years and school age in a stimulating learning environment. Our Preschool room encourages independence and offers many opportunities for the children to do things for themselves. While adult help is always there we believe in encouraging the children to try for themselves first.

Our daily routine includes indoor and outdoor play experiences, group times, meals and a sleep/rest time. The daily routine consists of a variety of planned play experiences, and less formal – free play – experiences.  The planned play experiences consist of a variety of fine motor, art/craft, maths, science and language activities. Throughout the day the children are also involved in language/maths and music groups.

The programming is planned for children in two groups according to age. Our program is designed by our Pre School teacher to encourage all children to learn according to their individual needs and interests.

For the older children there is a focus on School Readiness when the children are introduced to basic literacy, language and mathematical problem solving skills.

The environments in the Preschool room are designed to extend children’s play. They are based on ideas, interests and needs given to the staff by the children. The children are free to explore the environments throughout the day. The staff develop a room program based on these goals, individual child observations, skills and needs, and a solid working knowledge of appropriate developmental milestones for this age group.

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