Choosing the best early education and care for a child

How do I find the best Early Education & Care for my child?

We all want the decisions we make for children to be the right ones. The choice of education and childcare is often a challenge for families who must balance their children’s individual needs with practical considerations

Children’s Needs:

All children need a safe and healthy place in which to grow with caring adults who understand their needs. Stimulation is vital in the early years. Quality education and care provides opportunities for children to learn in play-based programs designed for them.

In early education and care settings qualified, experienced adults provide a happy and stimulating environment where children can develop skills according to their abilities.

An environment for children should be more than safe and attractive. Carefully designed settings both indoors and outdoors should provide opportunities for children to test their skills and explore their surroundings. Play spaces should promote activity, curiosity and wonder. The role of adults is to scaffold learning and to offer support and challenge based on their understanding of children’s needs and abilities. Quality teaching offers learning experiences which provide the foundation for transition to school through a school readiness program.

How do I find the best Early Education for my child
Chosing early education and care for your child
Find the best early education and care for my child
Chosing Early Education for your Child
Family Needs:

Education and Care

  • Day care – long day care or part time care
  • Holiday Care
  • Before and/or after school care
What type of education and care does your child need?
  • Day care – long day care or part time care
  • Holiday care
  • Before and/or afterschool care
What location?
  • Close to work or close to home or family
  • Access to transport
  • Availability and cost of parking
Hour of operation
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Holidays
  • ‘Shutdown’ periods
Costs and expectations
  • Fixed fees and charges
  • What is included – nappies, meals, snacks
  • Possible extra costs
  • Opportunities for family involvement
  • Educational or childcare qualifications of staff
  • Experience of staff
  • Immediate place or waiting list
  • Possible waiting time
Important considerations:

Do you feel comfortable in the setting?

Does the centre offer engaging and wide ranging programs for children that offer opportunities for growth and development through different types of play?

Look for instances where the centre offers play of all kinds from creative, imaginative, physical, musical and problem solving play to a range opportunities to engage in social and emotional play.

Can you imagine happily leaving your child here?

Can you see yourself working with staff to help you child?

Does the centre have clear and visible procedures and policies regarding hygiene, safety, emergencies, and more?

The choice of early education and care is a decision that can cause stress for families and carers but when you know what to look for and what questions to ask the decision can be easier and the best quality centres can become easily identifiable.

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