Community Transport – Get Out and Moving!

Community Transport – Get Out and Moving!

Community Services #1 runs a community bus service for members of the community who are socially isolated through lack of transport options. The bus operates between 9:30am and 3:00pm Monday to Friday.

The service is designed to assist people who are isolated and find it difficult to use regular bus service for a number of reasons e.g. seniors and people with mobility limitations.

There are six minibuses in Canberra – one in each of the regional areas including one operated by CS#1 in the Inner South of Canberra. The bus is wheelchair accessible with a hoist at the rear of the vehicle.

The Community Services #1 Community Bus can help you:

  • Get to appointments
  • With weekly shopping trips
  • Go on monthly excursions

The community bus is available to people who are socially isolated and find it difficult to use regular bus services or have no other transport options. Users of the Community Bus Service need to meet certain criteria – ie: be over a defined age, have a disability, be geographically or socially isolated, are unable to access regular public transport. Eligibility can be established by calling our head office.

Group bookings can also be made where members of the group are registered users. Transport can be provided between the hours of 9:30am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday and a gold coin donation is requested for any transport provided.

For more information on the Community Services #1 Community Bus service call us on 1800 960 938.

The community bus service is proudly funded by the ACT Government.

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