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Please note: Venue hire is not currently available for parties or festive events due to COVID-19 restrictions.

To enquire about hiring a venue please fill in the form below.

Venue Hire Enquiry Form

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    *All Hirers are required to have Public Liability Insurance in a sum of not less than $10,000,000. A copy of the Hirer’s Insurance Letter of Currency must be provided at the time of booking confirmation. Hirers are advised to consult with their own insurance company to arrange their insurance. If this is not possible, the following information is a recommendation ONLY: Insurance for one day activities/events can be purchased from the following provider/s:
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For more information on current rates and bookings please contact:

Community Services #1 Venue Hire Manager
63 Boolimba Crescent, Narrabundah.
Phone: 02 6126 4700