ACT Community Assistance & Support Program (CASP)

ACT Community Assistance & Support Program (CASP)

The aim of the CASP program is to enhance your health and wellbeing, facilitate independence, and support your participation in the community.  CASP funding helps provide support to individuals and their carers if they are finding daily living activities difficult due to a medical condition.

To be eligible for the CASP program you must live in the ACT, be under 65 years of age, and be seeking supports that are not already funded under another Government program.  In addition CASP services are not available if you are a participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – unless you are assessed as eligible for short term additional support (for example: if you require additional support due to a temporary health issue, such as recovering from surgery).

People who may be eligible for support from CS#1 include people with:

  • Physical or mental health conditions who require short term or transitional support;
  • A need for post-hospital care and support, or assistance with post hospital outpatient visits; and
  • Unpaid carers and family members of persons with a debilitating medical condition who may require short term support

Services that CS#1 offer under CASP include:

  • Short term medical transport (including post hospital and outpatient appointments)
  • Short term assisted shopping
  • Short term post hospital domestic assistance
  • Social support groups
  • Providing information for your NDIS application
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