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We’re going on a bear hunt!

We’re all going on a bear hunt!

You may have heard about a new activity for families during the Coronavirus lockdown: the bear hunt. It is a simple idea inspired by the popular children’s book, We’re all going on a bear hunt, to entertain kids during the current restrictions. People put a teddy bear in a window visible from the road so families can take a walk around neighbourhoods, hunting for bears.

At CS#1 we are getting involved, see if you can see a bear at our offices and early learning centres.

We are also asking families to put a note or card in the letter box to say thanks to those who have a bear displayed. Some elderly community members are feeling increasingly isolated and vulnerable at the moment, so a note in the letter box is a simple way to reconnect them to their neighbourhood.

If you are feeling lonely or isolated, we encourage you to put a soft toy in your window as a way of communicating with your neighbours. Hopefully, they will see your toy and put a note in your letter box!

Here’s a picture of our teddy in the window of our head office on Boolimba Street.


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