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Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub aims to support children, young people and their families to enjoy physical and mental health, have strong social connections, participate in their communities and feel safe.

The Hub has two programming streams. The first will focus on Children and Family Wellbeing and the second on the Wellbeing of Young People. These streams have been chosen after an extensive and consultative needs assessment, during which support gaps were identified for children in their middle years (8-12 years old) and their families, and for young people (12-24 years old).

The Wellbeing Hub will be both a physical space in Narrabundah, and a virtual centre for services and supports. Programs will run at the Hub and staff and partners will run outreach programs in other places, such as partner schools or other community organisations.

Projects we will be launching soon:

1.       Playing for Wellbeing

Playing for Wellbeing has two initiatives, one is the Wellbeing Program we run in our early childhood centres and the other is Paint and Play. The aim of the program is to promote and enhance young children’s wellbeing by providing fun learning experiences that focus on social and emotional learning, supported by the Early Years Leaning Framework.

2.       Learning for Wellbeing

Learning for Wellbeing is a project run in partnership with schools and community groups. It aims to ensure children feel connected to their family and community, have a sense of confidence, an increased ability to regulate their emotions and are better able to connect with peers in a healthy and rewarding way.

3.       Growing healthy kids

Growing Healthy Kids aims to support parents to have a greater network of support, feel empowered, informed and more confident in their roles. Families are supported to learn gardening skills to produce fruit and vegetables, and can then participate in cooking demonstrations. These fun and interactive sessions include social opportunities and support between families.

4.       Lead Well

In order for services to be relevant and empowering for young people they must be designed in close consultation with young people. The Lead Well project aims to take this one-step further, by enabling groups of young people to identify issues that affect them and design responsive projects themselves.

Through training and mentoring, young people will be supported to identify needs, then design and implement a responsive project. This leads to young people being instrumental in enhancing the wellbeing of vulnerable people in their communities, being valued and respected by their communities and more confident in their own abilities.

Community Development

The services that we provide to the community are supported by the Community Services Directorate (ACT Government) and are available to communities and individuals across Canberra.

Community development empowers community members and creates stronger and more connected communities (AIFS, 2017). CS#1 is proud to deliver a variety of programs that support individuals in the Canberra community that may be vulnerable or experiencing isolation.

Working across all sections of the community, our team is active in forming community partnerships for the benefit of Canberra residents.

Our programs include:

If you are interested in volunteering with CS#1 please contact us on 02 6126 4700.

Click here to view the calendar of events for our social support groups.


Contact: wellbeing@communityservices1.org

Phone: 6126 4700