Out of Hospital Care

Community Services #1 in partnership with YourSide provides Out Of Hospital Care in the NSW Murrumbidgee Local Health District.

Out of Hospital Care can reduce hospital admission times, and potentially prevent avoidable hospital stays by delivering non-clinical care such as cleaning, meal preparation, home care, and transport to support people transitioning from hospital care back to the comfort of their home.

How do I access Out of Hospital Care?

Depending on the program, referrals may be made from:
NSW Public Hospitals Local Health District Community Health Teams including:

  • Specialist Palliative Care
  • Community Nursing
  • Chronic Care
  • Aged Care Assessment Teams
  • Mental Health

Am I Eligible?

Out of Hospital Care Programs are available to people of all ages have been referred by a NSW Public Hospital or a Local Health District Community Health Team.

Eligible individuals may have acute or chronic health conditions, a disability or progressive life limiting illness impacting their ability to manage daily life activities.

Each program has specific eligibility criteria that must be met to access the program. Out of Hospital Care is not available for people who require long-term intensive levels of homecare support.

Our Team

Our qualified and experienced team will:

  • Connect you with tailored services to meet your specific needs, and develop a Care Plan in close consultation with you
  • Work with you to ensure that you receive the services identified in your Care Plan
  • Monitor your allocated services and provide further referrals for ongoing support if required.

What can I expect after a referral?

Following your referral from a NSW Public Hospital, or a LHD Community Team, an Out of Hospital Care Case Manager from Community Services #1 will assess and confirm your eligibility and work with you to develop a Care Plan tailored to meet your specific needs over a 6 week period of time.
Your Care Plan may include referrals to assist you with daily living activities such as personal care (showering, grooming, dressing etc), domestic duties (house cleaning, laundry, shopping), meal preparation, and transport to or from appointments.

Out of Hospital Care Programs

Providing a safe and supported return home with immediate access to home care services, ComPacks is a nonclinical package of case management and home care services available to patients of any age for up to six weeks after leaving a NSW public hospital.

Safe and Supported at Home Packages (SASH):
Delivered through the NSW Ministry of Health Out of Hospital Care Program, SASH packages offer up to six weeks of low to medium levels of home care services aimed at supporting clients aged between18 and 64 with functional impairments impacting their ability to manage daily living activities to remain independent and safe at home.
SASH packages are available to individuals who have commenced the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) application process and have received a reference number, and individuals who have had their NDIS application rejected, and require support while reapplying or appealing an access decision.

End of Life (EOL) Packages:

Providing low to medium levels of home care services for patients of any age who are in the deteriorating or terminal phase of a progressive life limiting illness, End of Life packages are non-clinical packages of case management and home care services for a period of up to six weeks.