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Community Support Services

The CS#1 Community Support Services team provides a range of programs to support individuals and groups across Canberra.

ACT Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP)

CASP aims to enhance your health and wellbeing, and facilitate your independence and participation in the community. CASP provides individuals and their carers with support if they are finding daily living activities difficult due to a health issue. This health issue may be one that comes and goes (is episodic) or is short-term.

CASP will assist you by carrying out daily living activities for you, such as mowing the lawn or providing meals, or by supporting you to perform these activities yourself. These support services can help you to stay well and, where possible, prevent you from suffering a decline in health or needing to present to hospital. When you do go to hospital, these services will help you to return to your home safely following your stay.

Services that CS#1 offer under CASP can include: domestic assistance; food services; personal care; community participation and social support, information and advocacy; minor home maintenance and transport.

To be eligible for CASP you must live in the ACT, be under 65 years and require home and community support for daily living activities due to a health issue*.

People who may be eligible for CASP includes, but is not limited to, people with:

  • an illness that comes and goes
  • short-term health or mental health conditions
  • a need for post-hospital care and support, or assistance with hospital outpatient visits
  • a disability that is not of a ‘major and permanent’ nature (as required for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) eligibility)
  • any combination of any number of these characteristics, and
  • the unpaid carers and family members of any of the above individuals.

To receive services under the program, you cannot be receiving identical home and community care support services from another government program. If you are a current National Disability Insurance Scheme client, you may be eligible for CASP if you require additional support arising from a temporary health issue e.g. recovering from surgery.

* Important note: CASP cannot provide long-term, high level care or specialist mental health services.

Contact the CS#1 Community Support Services team on 02 6126 4700 and we can discuss eligibility, discuss your needs and conduct an assessment.

Please note that there may be waiting times before you can access services or before services may start and although services are subsidised by the ACT Government, some fees may apply.

Community Development

The services that we provide to the community are supported by the Community Services Directorate (ACT Government) and are available to communities and individuals across Canberra.

Community development empowers community members and creates stronger and more connected communities (AIFS, 2017). CS#1 is proud to deliver a variety of programs that support individuals in the Canberra community that may be vulnerable or experiencing isolation.

Working across all sections of the community, our team is active in forming community partnerships for the benefit of Canberra residents.

Our programs include:

If you are interested in volunteering with CS#1 please contact us on 02 6126 4700.

Additionally, we are a referral agency for Every Chance To Play. Every Chance To Play was founded in 2017 by a diverse group of Canberrans who were concerned about the problem of Canberra kids missing out on sport because of high registration costs.

If you want your child to be involved in sport but find it hard to pay registration fees, you may be eligible for support from Every Chance To Play. Contact us on (02) 6126 4700 for more information.

Aged Care

Community Services #1 offers a variety of services to support individuals aged 65 years or over in our community. Click here to find out more.

Click here to view the calendar of events for our social support groups.