Marlee Early Education and Care Centre Launch by Alicia Payne MP, Member for Canberra.

Community Services #1’s renamed Narrabundah Cottage Senior to Marlee Early Education and Care Centre on Thursday 1st April at 10.30 am. The centre was established in 1946 as a demountable and was officially opened on Saturday 22 September 1951, it was the first community facility built in Narrabundah and was in high demand.

Marlee is an Indigenous name meaning elder tree, of which the centre has plenty of.

Marlee Early Education and Care Centre is a specialised stand-alone preschool catering to children 3-5 years. Located in central Narrabundah in Nimbin Street and surrounded by trees the children’s play space is full of fascinating opportunities to explore.

“At Marlee Early Education and Care Centre they focus on children being everyday learners, play is the work of children and the role as educators is to support and scaffold that learning with opportunities for children to be active, inquisitive learners”.

“The Educators at Marlee Early Education and Care Centre recognise that children need specific skills to support their transition into school, they have a school readiness curriculum designed by our Early Childhood teacher.

This program is founded on the core principles of early literacy, early numeracy, social and emotional development, self-regulation and resilience” said Amanda Tobler, CE0 at Community Services #1.