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Kindness Matters project – TASK #6

Our sixth act of kindness for our Kindness Matters project is here! Each week we will be challenging you to do something kind to spread joy in our community.
This week we are encouraging you to do something nice for a neighbour! You could take their bins out, water their plants, feed their pets for them… the list goes on.
There are so many amazing benefits to having a good relationship with your neighbours. Not only can you both reciprocate helpful tasks for one another, but neighbours can bring a wonderful dimension to your life and also become lifelong friends.
Having a harmonious relationship with neighbours is also a bonus, as it makes your home and where you live pleasant.
Studies have shown that social connections are associated with good mental and physical health. In fact, forming relationships with your neighbours can even reduce your risk of a heart attack. When you have friendly, trustworthy and helpful neighbours, your health benefits too.
So go and do something nice for your neighbour.
Share with us in the comment box below something nice you did for a neighbour this week, or use the hashtag #kindnessmatters and tag us in your photos!
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