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Kindness Matters project – TASK #4

Our fourth act of kindness for our Kindness Matters project is here! Each week we will be challenging you to do something kind to spread joy in our community.
This week we are encouraging you to bake or buy a treat for someone – it could be a work colleague, a neighbour, family member or friend.
We know that kindness is good for us, and so is altruism. Altruistic acts have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing of both the giver and receiver, by promoting physiological changes in the brain linked with happiness.
Kindness is lasting. Something kind that you do now can have a lasting effect on someone for many years to come.
Share with us in the comment box below the special treat you have surprised someone with this week, or use the hashtag #kindnessmatters and tag us in your photos!
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