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Kindness Matters project – TASK #2


The second act for our Kindness Matters project is here! Each week we will be challenging you to do something kind to spread joy in our community.

Receiving a compliment leads to similar activation in reward areas of the brain, such as the striatum, as receiving monetary gifts, which both motivate people to work and feel better. Giving a compliment also benefits the giver, by creating enjoyable interactions and leaving a good impression on someone.

Maybe you want to let someone know that they’ve done a great job helping you with a task, that you think they are a great singer, or that you simply like their shoes.

Whatever it may be, we know that giving someone a genuine compliment every day this week will truly improve both of your days.

Don’t forget to share your deeds with us using the hashtag¬†#kindnessmatters¬†and you can sign up to receive weekly notifications here:

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