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Kindness Matters project – TASK #1


Our first random act for our Kindness Matters project is here! Each week we will be challenging you to do something kind to spread joy in our community.

Task #1 is to send someone an ‘I’m thinking of you’ card!

Cards are just one way to keep in touch as well as to express emotions such as love, congratulations, condolences and gratitude.

Although we live in a digital world, a card sent through the post or delivered in someone’s letterbox can mean a lot to both the sender and the recipient. Sometimes it can mean more than a phone call or email.

Maybe you want someone to know how much you love and appreciate them, or let someone know you have missed them during COVID-19. We’re sure that a thinking of you card will brighten a friend’s day, or make a young child feel like the king of the world if they receive an envelope addressed specifically to them in the mailbox this week.

Don’t forget to share your deeds with us using the hashtag #kindnessmatters and you can sign up to receive weekly notifications here: https://communityservices1.org/kindnessmatters

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