Children First Alliance launches

CS#1 is proud to be a founding member of the Children First Alliance, which launched last Friday 22 September 2017.

The ACT Children First Alliance is a network of longstanding not-for-profit providers of children’s services in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), including early learning centres, family day care, preschool and after school care. Together we operate 46 Early Learning Centres (ELCs) with 3,543 places. The Alliance was established to develop and communicate a shared vision for early childhood education and care (ECEC) in the ACT and to ensure that all children have access to ECEC.

Amanda Tobler, CEO Community Services #1, and Alliance Co-Chair said, “Quality early childhood education makes a significant and lasting impact on children throughout their lives, resulting in them being more likely to succeed in education, economically and socially”.

“Despite this, Australia lags well behind the rest of the world in investment in early childhood education, and sadly, this shows in the early educational outcomes of our children”.

“One in five children in the ACT start school developmentally vulnerable, and among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, two in five children enter school developmentally vulnerable,” she said.

The launch event last week featured the release of the Alliance’s policy paper, which provides a plan for action and a suite of evidence-based policy measures to improve the accessibility,
quality, and equity of early childhood education in the ACT.

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