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Children First Alliance 2018-19 ACT Pre-Budget Submission

Since launching in September, the Children First Alliance has been working to further Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in the ACT. The ACT Children First Alliance (the Alliance) is a network of longstanding not-for-profit providers of children’s service in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), including early learning centres (ELCs), family day care, preschool and after school care. Community Services #1 is a proud founding member of the Alliance.

The Children First Alliance prepared a Submission to the 2018-19 ACT Budget Consultation process.This Pre-Budget Submission outlines the immediate areas for action for strengthening Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in the ACT. Three areas have been identified:

  1. Develop an Early Childhood Education and Care Innovation Fund and Co-Lab to support programs that improve access to ECEC for children experiencing disadvantage.
  2. Create an ACT Early Childhood Educators Professional Development Fund to support the ongoing need for professional development in the ECEC sector.
  3. Commission modelling into the cost of extending funded preschool access to three year olds, as part of the Future of Education review process.

To read the Submission in full, visit https://www.childrenfirstalliance.org/policy-priorities. 

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