Career Opportunities

CS#1 appreciates that our greatest asset is our dedicated employees

We acknowledge their significant contribution to the successful operation of the organisation. We value our employees’ diversity, input, and work ethic. We recognise that people do better when they:

  • have interesting, meaningful and challenging work
  • know the work they undertake is important, and that their efforts are appreciated
  • are supported, and given the resources and opportunity to meet challenges
  • have a clear understanding of their role in the organisation, and how this fits into the ‘bigger picture’
  • have an input on matters affecting their workplace
  • take part in regular and honest feedback about their performance
  • know that innovation and better ways of doing things will be supported

Valuing and supporting our employees has enabled us to maintain a low rate of staff turnover and high quality work performance – not to mention a happy and rewarding work environment!