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Breakfast Briefing: The digital revolution promises so much!

JUNE 20th       Breakfast Briefing: The digital revolution promises so much! Presented by Brook Dixon. 7.30-8.45am Cost: $40.

The digital revolution promises so much! Speed, collaboration, convenience, participation, innovation.

Has digital lived up to its hype?  Are we more informed or more confused?  Have we addressed or reinforced existing social disadvantage?  What have we gained as communities, and what have we lost in the process?

Brook Dixon examines these questions, and how the ‘smart city’ movement is leveraging digital technology to improve our communities.

As a recent Winston Churchill Fellow, Brook will draw on his study tour of 11 leading international digital cities.


Brook is Managing Director of Delos Delta, driving smart city and digital transformation for clients around the world.
He is Vice President of the Australian Smart Communities Association, working with counterparts across Australia to promote smart city solutions that improve liveability, sustainability and productivity in our cities.
Brook is an experienced leader, smart city creator, strategic planner, keynote speaker, business moderniser, digital city exponent, public administrator, economist, and policy developer.

All sessions are held at Griffith Community Hall and include a hot breakfast

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